Why I started Copykiller

You understand this is a blog.


You’re pretty sure it’s written by a copywriter — and it’s for other writers. It contains tips, anecdotes and rants about writing and marketing.


But let’s peel back the surface for a moment, and I’ll break out and explain why the heck I started this project in the first place.

Of course, if you’re not too concerned with my backstory, jump over to one of my more actionable posts. Those are what you’re after.

For the rest of you: So … here’s my backstory, in so many words. I’ve worked at an ad agency as a copywriter for a little while now. It’s my first position in marketing. I find myself … running low … on inspiration.

It’s no one’s fault but mine. The problem, I think, has arisen because I’ve been writing branded copy/content, and I’ve neglected my own … what do you call it … identity? As an artist. As a writer.

This blog is meant to help you and myself find inspiration and drive, so we can find true happiness doing what we do.

I guess you could say I’ve lost that loving feeling — towards writing : )  I’ve lost touch with my personal brand, I guess. It’s the thing that should launch me out of bed in the morning, jacked up and happy to churn out copy at the agency I’m working for.

Without a strong sense of personal development and identity, I guess I’ve lost some measure of motivation as a writer.

I mean, shoot me. Just being transparent about it.

There’s some intuitive part of me that knows I can get excited again and keep it that way if I’m able to inspire myself and others to reach the next level of excellence, whether that be improving as a writer, or landing that new job, or getting a promotion, or just being recognized for writing some hard-hitting, emotionally-poignant copy.

But how can you produce breathtaking words, sentences, and paragraphs if you’re not excited about it?

That’s why I’ve conjured up Copykiller.

It’s the answer to your unhappiness as a writer. Now let’s dig deep and get inspired. Because that, my friends, is what makes happy writers, yeah?





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